March 9, 2009

So help me, I will never buy these almonds again

I cannot sop eating them. So when I found my hand inside a bag of cinnamon sugar almonds that my friend Erin had, I knew it was bad news.

Actually, I believe it was bad news when I was standing in front of them in the store saying to myself "hey, nuts are healthy - just get them Ashley, they're tasty."

A little over 24 hours later, they're all gone. Here is the culprit:

Note the empty bag. Also note the mocking tagline on said bag: "an irresistible snack" ... ugh

There are just some things I don't know how to control my portions with, one of which are nuts. I actually blame this on my nut allergy as a kid - all that deliciousness being withheld for 17 years and now I have to make up for lost time. I'm still allergic to walnuts, peanuts and pecans, but most others - particularly cashews and almonds - have been a weak spot ever since I first discovered I could have them.

Here's the thing: I should have known better. I know that as long as I can keep reaching my hand back in the bag for more, I will. Anytime you know you have a weakness for a food, don't buy it unless its in controlled portions. Unless you're addicted to carrot sticks, and then you just go ahead and chow down... freak. I'm sticking to these delicious almonds.

If you can practice some self control, feel free to buy these - they were delicious, and were about 3 weight watchers points for 1/4 a cup. But that's actually a pretty depressing amount when you realize you've eaten about 10 times the portion size.

Needless to say, I am convinced I will never buy these - or any tasty almonds - in a mass amount.


  1. HAHAAHA OMG! I warned you. Those things are dangerous!!!

  2. That's why you should keep me around, I make sure that you can't eat everything, because I do it for you.

  3. Remember that time you ate one of my cookies, which had peanut butter chips in it, and then had an allergic reaction. I still feel bad about that :( haha