February 28, 2009

Healthy Baking From a Box

I wanted to share a brand of muffin mix that I find particularly tasty, in case some of you are not feeling up for all the fuss of homemade.

For many dieters, Krusteaz brand of fat-free muffin mixes is no secret. I personally enjoy the cranberry orange muffin mix, but the blueberry are good too! And when all you have to do is add some water to the mix, stir, and pour into a pan - you could not find an easier way to bake.

This makes 11 muffins, which is kind of random, but I would go ahead and skip filling the last cup in the pan, since these guys are pretty small as is.

As small as they are though, each one is only 2 weight watchers points! For breakfast, I usually toast two in a toaster oven, and put a little bit of low calorie butter spray on them to add that salty butter taste that is so delicious on a warm muffin. They're surprisingly satisfying!

(Don't you know some guy is finding this post and is totally grossed out at the idea of fat-free muffins and low calorie butter spray, but I promise I've seen two marines eat these muffins - they're not too shabby!)

Image from the Krusteaz.com...

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