April 5, 2009

Finally, a solution to portion control for almonds, and some other store-bought snacks

Who remembers my disastrous experience with the cinnamon sugar almonds I bought at Trader Joe's ?

(My friend Erin is probably the only one raising her hand right now, by the way. Mainly because:
  1. She loves those almonds too
  2. She actually checks my blog every day.)
Well, in case you didn't read that post, the disaster occurred - not because the almonds were not good - but because they were TOO good. And apparently I have no portion control when it comes to nuts.

So imagine my delight when I saw these bad boys in the grocery aisle:

I was so excited! I've known for a long time that nuts can be a healthy part of any diet, I just didn't know... errr.... how to keep them within the "healthy" restrictions when they were in my own pantry. I've always said I would love to buy a pack of nuts that were individually packaged in reasonable portions, and so now here comes Blue Diamond to the rescue with the 100 calorie pack. Not only does this make it easier for me to portion appropriately for snacks, but the pack is so easy to grab and take to work. And right at 100 calories, each pack is 2 weight watchers points - definitely workable in to any diet...

Speaking of Blue Diamond - my mom just mentioned that she had tried a new type of cracker they make, that's made from nuts and rice. They're called Nut-Thins and she told me that 16 crackers were 130 calories. By looking at their web site it looks like they have versions in plain almond, plain hazelnut and now fun flavors like cheddar cheese and cool ranch. I had made a point to look for the brand in my grocery store after my mom raved about them, but I couldn't find them. Let me know if you have tried them too and how they are!

One snack on the cracker/cookie aisle that I have tried lately was the new Special K brand of crackers - and let me just say I was pleasantly surprised! I bought the multigrain version, and they were delicious. They have a sweetness to them and kind of remind me of those "honey braided pretzels" that Snyder's makes. My sister will know what I'm talking about - we both love those pretzels... Anyway, the Special K crackers are delicious, and just like the Nut-Thins, they're incredibly sensible. Twenty-four crackers (about the size of Wheat Thins) is 120 calories, or 2 weight watchers points.

Like a lot of people, carbs are kind of the enemy for me. Not because of their nutritional content, but because they're just so addicting to me that I can't control my portions. So if you've got a good idea for a snack that's tasty and healthier than your normal alternative - please share!


  1. We definitely need to find those crackers. I can't believe the Teeter let us down...

  2. Aha! Love the portion-control almonds ... will have to pick some of those up.

    Btw, I also recently bought a box of those Special K crackers, per your suggestion. Yummy!!

  3. Oooo, look at the "Erin's" representing in the ocmment thread!

  4. ive been waiting patiently for another post... come on healthie foodie!!!