July 15, 2009

Eat This, Not That: Chick-fil-A Breakfast Remix

While it's a little depressing to realize how not-so-great for you the foods you love really are, I just had a come to Jesus with the delicious breakfast I love at Chick-fil-A. My beloved chicken biscuit with hashbrowns on the side is 17 Weight Watchers points, which is really about as many points as I should be eating in an entire day!

Now, I'm all for a splurge from time to time, but I thought we could all benefit from exploring our options on the menu. So here are a few of the nutrition facts for some of the most popular breakfast items
  • Chicken Biscuit: 450 calories / 20 g. fat / 3 g. fiber (10 WW points)
  • Hashbrowns: 280 calories / 19 g. fat / 2 g. fiber (7 WW points)
  • Plain Biscuit: 310 calories / 13 g. fat / 2 g. fiber (6 WW points)
  • Chicken Minis ( 4 ct): 350 calories / 14 g. fat / 2 g. fiber (8 WW points)
  • You can also calculate your own meal on the site: http://www.chick-fil-a.com/#calculator
In honor of the book "Eat this, not that," Here are a few ideas for making it work and some other considerations for when you order:
  • If you want the real deal - the combo - with hashbrowns, go with the chicken minis instead of the full biscuit; a 4 count of the minis instead will save you 100 calories. (hashbrowns + minis = 15 points. Going for the 3 count would be even healthier. All things considered, though, it may not be so terrible when you realize that some Lean Cuisine pizza's are 12 points. I'm just sayin')
  • The chicken biscuit's still better than the sausage biscuit... The sausage biscuit is 590 calories! Which, uhh basically broke the points calculator. It doesn't even register, but just just based on my own estimates, I think with 41 g of fat, it would weigh in at around 14 - 15 WW points on it own, so... actually the chicken ain't lookin' so bad...
  • And of course you could get a multi grain sunflower bagel (220 cal), and a fruit cup (70 cal), but let's be honest... you're at Chick-fil-A... why would you get a bagel and fruit when there's fried chicken to eat?
Go to http://www.chick-fil-a.com/#healthylifestyle for some other good ideas - the chicken breakfast burrito on it's own, for instance, isn't that bad for you!

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  1. This make me sad. I sometimes eat 2 chicken biscuits for breakfast. eeekkk