October 5, 2009

Back in the Saddle Again...

It's time to dust off ye old blog. I can't believe it's been two months. (I'm sorry Lindsey and Erin! Healthie Foodie is back!)

I realized, when I started this blog I was at the peak of my diet and it was a great way to stay motivated. Also, at the time I lived alone and didn't have a lot going on... My roomie was already living in Atlanta, and I was only surrounded by friends who were also dieting. (It's pretty easy to stay on track when you're not tempted during the week, and to indulge, you and your friends make low fat brownies and eat sushi!)

I was living in a healthy (unrealistic) bubble world...

I've struggled a lot with temptation since moving to Atlanta: new restaurants to try, and more friends to go try them with. Most importantly, a certain food-devouring boyfriend that I love to cook for is also around more often now that I'm closer. Turns out I am not 6'4" and should probably not be eating the same quantities and snacks he does...

But despite some serious slip-ups, I have been doing a couple of things right:

  • Cooking Light is still a great inspiration for finding a way to scratch the cooking itch, without quite as much guilt. This came in really handy when friends would want to cook out over the summer! Back in July, I went to my friend Libby's to grill with friends, and Ben and I brought our own scallops to grill along with this roasted red pepper butter sauce.. I'll have to write a separate post on this one! All in all, I think the scallops were around 2-3 weigh watchers points, so I was really proud.)
  • I quickly bounced back from some bad eating habits in a new work environment by finding snacks that work for me. For me, new environments mean new urges to reach for food as a mental break. This meant I had to get very strategic about lunch packing again. I had to find foods that would keep me full, because Lord knows if I was the slightest bit hungry I would reach for something carb-loaded and covered in sugar. I'll be writing soon about my new snack favorites and old stand-by's that have been really helpful lately!
  • Making time to work out (or trying to). Nothing will ever replace working out and burning calories. Nothing. Because about 50% of the time, I won't end up eating the way I should have that day, and burning what I eat is my only saving grace. That said, this has still been a struggle for me. Working late, being back around good friends and with Ben closer, it's hard to carve out the time. But I joined a gym, and I've been trying to find ways to go work out with people (Ben is always up for coming with me, and I'm finding more and more friends who are willing to go on a walk around the neighborhood to catch up instead of going to dinner or drinks.)
So, there's lots to catch up on. I'm sorry I haven't posted much (err... .at all), but I really have been cooking and trying to stay on track, so there's more to come, I promise!

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