October 28, 2009

I need a new camera + TheDailyPlate.com

I would post so much more often if I had a good camera. I swear.

Well,the camera and good picture-taking skills to match, actually.

But I say this, because I take even worse pictures than usual with my camera right now, particularly due to poor apartment lighting. (Not to mention that the face plate of the camera is falling off!) So, I keep not posting recipes and items I made because I keep not taking pictures, and well - posts about cooking seem to just be boring without the images.

I'm looking at getting a new camera, but in the meantime, I continue to be inspired (and I'll admit, jealous) by other bloggers far more talented than me. (Ahem, see the blogroll to the right.)

I've also been playing with TheDailyPlate.com, which let's you populate your "plate" online with items you ate that day. Once you've filled your plate, it helps you understand how many calories you have left in the day based on your body and weight loss goals.

I must say - it's a little tedious to look up and populate items online like this, but it is extremely informative. Unlike weight watchers (which I love), this tool helps you track progress over a week, and also helps you track all factors of your diet: cholesterol, sodium, fat, calories, sugars, carbs, etc.

This is particularly helpful for when you may need a reminder to avoid certain slip ups in your diet, like sodium, which I consistently consume WAY too much of. (155% of what I normally should!)

t helps show you where these totals are coming from based on the foods you ate. For instance, while I love a brand of chicken sausage I eat because it's tasty and low in calories and fat, it's also chock full of sodium, like many other processed foods. It seems that in a realistic world, some thing's always got to give, and for me usually that's my sodium levels, although this tool is a good reminder that I should be keeping an eye on that too.

I'm going to try to use it ever day for the next week, so try it out and let me know what you think too!

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