October 5, 2009

Latest Foodie Favorites

I'm what you call a grazer. Literally, when I am at work, I probably eat once an hour. Maybe every once in a while if I'm particularly full I can go a few hours without something to eat. (Well, and when I have meetings and my schedule doesn't permit of course.)

But I am quite sure that it's gotten to the point that my coworkers aren't certain I really do work at the office. Despite what it may look like, no I do not just walk back and forth to the kitchen all day!

Here are a few of my latest favorite snacks and saving graces during work that keep me walking back and forth from my desk:
  • Cabot reduced fat cheese wedges. I love cheese, and the benefit to eating cheese is that the protein keeps you full. These are great because they are reduced fat, so each snack is only 1 Weight Watchers point. Sometimes I eat 2 or three of these in a day, honestly. Especially one late in the afternoon or before I leave work to keep me from getting too hungry right before dinner. I get a big bag of them at Sam's Club, but I'm sure they have these at other grocery stores, just probably not in the jumbo bag. (disclaimer: Sam's is a client. Photo courtesy of the Cabot web site.)
  • Spinach and Asiago Chicken Sausages. Ok these are from Sam's too (the Members Mark brand), but are seriously delicious. Don't take my word for it, Google them and you'll see plenty of other people talking about them! They are only 110 calories so I was thrilled at the idea of having these around as a tasty low fat protein for me - since it's rare that I eat meat during the week - but also for Ben when he's around. (Men otherwise would drown in diet food in my apartment, and would likely still die hungry). I personally think these things are amazing. Truly, I think they are the tastiest things I've ever had. Ben of course would prefer a hearty kielbasa or some sort of manly equivalent, but he thinks they're good too I guess...
  • Fresh roasted green beans with shallots. I'm really into sauteed green beans lately, cooked with a little bit of chicken broth and shallots. (Shallots are amazing: smaller portions than having to cut up a whole onion, and not nearly the awful tear-jerking dicing ordeal.)
  • Skinny cow ice cream sandwiches. We had a little ice cream social at work one day and I was so thankful that someone brought these along as a healthy alternative. It also reminded me how totally satisfying they are. (Sorry Weight Watchers, but these I think are better than your version...). I keep these around to have at night when I want something sweet, and they're only 2 points.

  • Good old 100 calorie snack packs. I currently have a big box that has a mix of baked Cheetos, Smartfood popcorn, and cheddar Sunchips. These packswere kind of a cliche at one point, and can be completely ineffective at helping you lose weight if yourely on them too much to make up your diet, but in a weak moment for junk food, they are a saving grace. These are all delicious, and they take away the vending machine urges for just 2 weight watchers points each.
  • Dark chocolate yogurt covered raisins. I always want something candy-like in the afternoons, and these have been a good antidote. 1/4 of a cup are 2 weight watchers points.
Some of the old stand-by's are still around too, like veggie patties. I've recently discovered Gardenburger's sun dried tomato basil flavor is delicious and the patties are just one point a piece. Raw veggies with fat-free ranch dip, and edamame are both still great, filling snacks that take you a while to eat. (I feel more satisfied when a snack takes time to munch.)

I'm looking for some new ideas though - particularly for fruits to snack on now that melons aren't in season any more. Let me me know if you have any ideas!


  1. omg i LOVE skinny cows. yum!!

  2. i am all about eating/grazing at work too! not only does it help stave off boredom, but i don't get crabby because its been forever since i have eaten!